Prospecting Cycle: Planning Your Pipeline

Module Objectives:

  • Understand all the important data that needs to be in your pipeline report, how to collect it, and how to interpret it.
  • Use a proven strategy to maintain your pipeline so that the information you receive is updated and useful
  • Maximize sales manager pipeline meetings by knowing:
    • What questions to ask
    • What problems to anticipate
    • How to recognize developing opportunities.
  •  Use your sales pipeline as an early warning system to spot and correct potential weaknesses in your sales planning strategy.
  • Base sales strategies on incoming pipeline information, so that you focus on realistic, actionable sales goals at all times

Field Work:

  • Review strengths and trends of your pipeline, with your sales manager based on the strategies you covered in this module.
  • Identify any areas of weakness and implement a plan to improve performance.
  • Review your strongest opportunities and agree on a plan for maximizing those opportunities.

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